We do everything AND the kitchen sink! Whether you need commercial or residential work, we’ve got you covered.

We install and service:

Air conditioning

One of the most common things people don’t know is that the A/C coil is in the ductwork above your furnace. If it’s plugged, it will also affect the heating portion of your furnace.

Interesting Fact: If an animal urinates on the outside condensing unit, it will melt the fins making the unit irreparable.
Q: How often should I change my filter?

A: We recommend every 2-3 months in the winter, and every month in the summer if you have A/C.


For the furnace to go from the 70% efficient furnaces of the old days to the 96% efficient furnaces of today, it takes many expensive parts. Protect your investment and have it serviced regularly.

Interesting Fact: 75% of furnace issues are caused by a dirty filter!
Q: How often should I change my furnace filter?

A: We recommend every 2-3 months in the winter, and every month in the summer if you have A/C.

Garage furnaces

This is seriously not a luxury, it’s a necessity. The amount of wear and tear saved on your vehicle alone is worth it, not to mention the added usable square footage for construction projects, kids sports, and crafting! Garage beers just became a thing in the winter, and we’re here for it. Interesting Fact: There isn’t one person who got a garage furnace that regrets it (or that doesn’t rave to their friends and family about it).

Heat Recovery Ventilator

Most people know this as an air exchanger. If you own a new home or you’re trying to make your old home as efficient as a new home, you HAVE to have one. This will save you big money on your heating bill!

This brings in fresh air to your home, preventing mould and moisture on your windows.

Interesting Fact: Most people do not know how to operate their HRV, but you’re not alone! If you have questions, please feel free to call us.


Through our Napoleon website, you can build your own fireplace from the comfort of your couch.

Interesting Fact: When it comes to installing fireplaces, we are always cheaper than the fireplace companies.

Water Heaters (tank and tankless)

Whether you go for tank or tankless for your water heater, give us a call about which option is best for you and your home.

Interesting Fact: Sask Energy offers a $1000 rebate on tankless units!

Water Softeners

A softener will save you money on the corrosion of your mechanical toilets, taps, and water lines. It is also easier on your hair and skin – you will notice the difference!

Inefficient units will regenerate every day. High efficient units will test salt levels and regenerate only when needed, saving you a ton of money.

Interesting Fact: High efficient units will save tons of money on salt.

Gas Work

Something most people don’t know – if you don’t use a licensed gas fitter, you have no insurance on your house in the case of a fire. We happen to be licensed gas fitters! This is a fantastic reason to not let your buddy hook up your gas line for you.

Interesting Fact: If you have a gas BBQ, you’ll never run out of fuel in the middle of cooking a juicy steak ever again. Save the emergency trip to the store in the middle of your next backyard BBQ party.

Sump Pump

It can never hurt having one, it can only hurt to NOT have one. In Regina, there’s always the possibility of a flood with so much water around our houses at all times.

Interesting Fact: Sump pumps ensure your ground water stays 2 feet under your house, and not in your house.

Mainline Check Valves

Having a mainline check valve on your sewer means that when there is a main sewer backup, it will go into the first house without one. So if the first three houses have one, it keeps transferring down from house to house until it all backs up on the fourth one. Yup, super gross.

Interesting Fact: Some insurance companies will deny your claim if you don’t have one, so it REALLY helps to be proactive here.

Home Renovations

We can work with your renovation company, or recommend our own to fit your needs, large and small.

Interesting Fact: Choosing a team that works together cohesively and effectively can save you more time and money than choosing cheaper individuals for each component of the reno.